Meet the artists

Our artists are the embodiment of the TRYP philosophy. Their vivacious dispositions, drive, passion, and flair for the quirky reflect the ideology of the whole team at TRYP Fortitude Valley Hotel. Their vibrant artworks serve as a foundation for the hotel’s distinctive concept, resonating through every aspect of the business, from the eats to the beats. So much more than just graffiti, the boys’ effervescent and evocative creations set the tone for Brisbane’s most audacious inner-city haunt. 



Beastman is a Sydney based artist, influenced by the beauty and symbolism behind nature’s repetitive geometric patterns and organic lines. Beastman's tightly detailed, often symmetrical paintings depict a parallel world of new life, hope and survival. The instantly recognisable and loveable deities in the works are spawned from elements of the earth, as if nature has come to life in a way we could never have imagined.

One of the most distinctive and prolific emerging artists in Australia, one third of creative group The Hours and co-founder of East Editions, Beastman has exhibited extensively throughout Australia, as well as in the UK, USA, Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand. He has curated and organised numerous art exhibitions and projects, has worked with various brands including Element, The Art Park, Colab, Longview, Stone & Wood, Tiger, Hyundai, Red Bull, Mini, Facebook and Smirnoff. Beastman was named Best Artist at the 2010 Sydney Music, Arts & Culture (SMAC) Awards and his large mural works can be found all over Australia and in the UK, USA, Germany, Israel, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

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Rone is famous for his urban art with a strongly emotional flavour. His sumptuous paintings of glamorous women including an often recurring image of his so-called Jane Doe, Rone's work attempts to locate the friction point between beauty and decay, the lavish and despoiled.. Rone’s movement towards a more freehand style of practice and away from his earlier style of stencilling or screen-printing has enabled a certain amount of openness and looseness to seep into his images; a rawness that can perhaps be seen to have enhanced the affective quality they contained. In his early days, Rone started off as a key individual in the Melbourne street art scene and since then, his images have not only appeared all over his adopted city itself, but have increasingly began to appear all around the world too; his trademark figures, heroic, alluring, cinematic icons, manifesting themselves in ever larger, more elaborate and emotive forms.Sub

Rone's work swiftly became an unmistakable part of the Melbournian cityscape, his images suffusing the landscape at an almost unimaginable rate. Using their 'calming beauty', their innate contrast to the walls that they grace, they fuse its dirt with decorativeness to form an ephemeral elegance, a transient beauty amidst the chaos of the street. Rone’s art can now be seen in cites all over the world from Berlin to Port Vila.

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Fintan Magee art is sometimes surreal, often character-based, and extremely illustrative. Magee is a Lismore-born, Brisbane-raised artist whose art features in just about every Australian city, especially in Sydney. His early work was heavily influenced by more traditional graffiti, but he's since been painting murals that verge into a different category. Strange people wearing masks play dangerous games, an infant dressed as Superman is speared by an arrow – there are some nightmarish themes that are somehow still beautiful, no matter how bleak. 

His recent blending of cartoon-ish hero-style characters with everyday humans is a favourite: we love how the characters can explore heavy themes without being entirely grim. And yet, the subjects are strange, pseudo-humans – not quite real and not quite imaginary. They teeter in a strange kind of limbo that's neither here nor there. Fintan’s works can be seen on city walls all over the world including Buenos Aires, Argentina and Columbia.

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Numskull is an Australian based artist who has been leaving his distinctive mark and creating public work wherever he travels over the past 15 years. He has been Working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, sculpture, illustration and large-scale murals. . From the early part of his career, Numskull’s education came from street art and he continues to practice in and out of these rebellious fields, whilst also focussing his energy on traditional gallery work. Having grown up in the sleepy northern suburbs of Sydney, everything Numskull uses in his practice is self-taught.

Now showing constantly in galleries, his painting style has evolved from simple street work to complex, technical and reactive mixed media paintings and sculpture. His unique imagery has become a collage of study focussing on colour hierarchy, typography, abstract heroism and idolism within modern contemporary culture. He has shown in galleries, painted walls and sold paintings throughout the world in such places as London, New York, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and all over Australia.

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